Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy, Busy

Here's what we have been up to lately. I totally rearranged the kids room and got rid of a bunch of junk. Every year at this time we give away some toys to charity and throw away some that are broken, or just missing too many pieces. I do this because the toys will take over our whole house if I don't, and with both of thier birthdays and Christmas coming up, they are going to get a bunch of new toys. So I have been busy going through all of thier toys and trying to organize them better.

I have also been playing with my new best friend -

I wanted this for Christmas, but we got it a little early because I am going to attempt to MAKE all of my Christmas cards this year. I know, it sounds crazy, or at least to me it does, that is why I've already started, so I am not doing them all at the last minute. It is so fun though, I love it!
I have also been busy with young women's. I love it, but it is a lot of work!
Aside from all of that, I am still getting the house organized. I mainly have the garage left, but that is a big task. AND, I just found out Joe is coming home in 1 week, instead of Nov 18th! So I am super excited, but I have a lot to do because I want the house spotless and everything in place when he comes home!

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Myndie said...

I'm glad Joe is coming home early. Good luck with making your gifts.

Yes, the sofa is microfiber.