Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, I got my vita-mix yesterday and I love it!! It is the greatest thing! I can make soup, bread, ice cream, spreads, drinks, fondues, and all kinds of things in it. It is really going to change my eating habits. I am going to be eating a lot healthier. With it, it is so easy to get my daily recommended of fruits and veggies.
I have been a little domestic diva lately. I made both of the boys a quilt. I got some Lightning McQueen fabric and they love them. Next I am going to sew them some Thomas the tank engine curtains. I also made homemade cinnamon rolls last night and they were delicious! Except today they are all hard, so I guess I need to figure out how to store them properly. Any who, I have been having a lot of fun trying new things lately. Me and the kid's have also been doing a lot of crafts. I bought a whole box full of craft supplies and they are loving it! Everything is going well!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I have a lot on my mind today. Sunday is Mother's Day, Thursday is our 4 year wedding anniversary, and a few days ago I found out my dad has cancer. I know he will be fine. I was outside on a walk when I found out. For a few moments I began to worry. But then I looked around and saw the trees swaying in the wind, and the beautiful blue sky and it reminded me that it is in God's hands. And at that moment, a calmness overcame me and I knew everything would be fine. It is the most treatable kind of cancer, and It is small. In fact, I know many people who have had the same cancer in the past, and had it removed, and are now fine. I know my Dad will be fine.

I can't believe it has bee 4 years since Joe and I were married. It has gone by fast. Although a lot has happened in these 4 years. 2 kids, 4(almost 5) moves, career changes, and a lot of other things. But it has been great! I wouldn't change anything. As much as I complain about moving a lot, it has been great. And everywhere we go, I know that is where we need t be. I love my husband very much. More and more each day!

Mother's Day is coming, and I love being a mother! It is very hard, it is tiring, and even exhausting somedays. But it is rewarding, wonderful, and brings so much joy to my life each and every day. I wouldn't have it any other way. My favorite sound is to wake up to my kids laughing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sierra Vista

We just got to Sierra Vista, AZ. In the last nine months we have lived in North Carolina, Utah, Georgia, Texas, and now Arizona. But, in less than three months this will all be over with. Joe became an officer in January and has been going through a lot of training, but he will be done at the end of July and we will be settled in California! Finally!!! Well, Settled for about 2-3 years, but that is like an eternity to live somewhere to me! We really like it here in Sierra Vista, it is small, but great. And the mountains are beautiful. The boys love being close to their dad, and so do I!