Monday, November 29, 2010


My wonderful friend Anica took pictures of us after church on Sunday and they turned out fabulous! I love them!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where have you been all my life?

This is what I've been enjoying this week. I sold my kitchenaid on craigslist (ah, the memories). And saved up to buy this beauty. It is awesome! I have made all sorts of goodies and I can't believe how much easier it makes things! I am having lots of fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

4 Years old!

I can't believe my baby boy is four!! On November 9th, Jacob turned four and had a fun GI Joe party. He is getting so big! I remember he was just 8 months old when we moved away from Fayetteville last time. He is so big now. He is so smart, and so fun! I just love him sooooo much!
4 Things I love about my FOUR year old!
1. He is so loving. He loves to hug his baby sister, and give her kisses. He is so wild, but he does love to cuddle with me and gives me such great hugs!
2. He is so smart! He builds the greatest things out of his leggos. He has an engineers mind I tell you! He outsmarts me all the time!
3. He is very friendly! He will play with all the kids. He never leaves anyone out.
4. He is a GREAT helper. He loves to help me with anything, whether it is loading the dishwasher, cleaning up toys, grocery shopping. He is such a great helper, and gets great joy from helping anyone he can!

I love Jacob so much! He is a great boy!

Cute Girl!

I just love having a little girl. And I love seeing the boys love on her, it is just so sweet! I love shopping with her, and dressing her up so cute! Here she is a few Sundays ago!

Soccer Party!

The boys had their last soccer game about a week ago. (I'm kind of glad, my schedule was getting a bit crazy!) They did so well! I am really glad they did soccer this fall. They have never played a sport like that before. So they were able to see what its like to be on a team, and listen to their coach and all that. Last week Jacob had his party at Pizza Hut, and Jonathan had his party and Sonic. They both got their trophies and they were so excited!! I forgot my camera for Jacobs, so his coaches wife will be emailing me the photos, so for now, here is Jonathan with his trophy!

Food Storage

So, I realize I haven't posted any pictures of my house. But it seems like I am still getting it organized. Crazy I know since I've been here like 8 months! But having a baby put me behind a bit. I've just been too busy playing with her and the boys! They are all three growing up way too fast, that I would just rather watch them grow then work on the house! But I am going room by room and getting rid of things, and reorganizing things! The first room I finished is my food storage room. Exciting, I know. Actually I do think it is exciting. For those of you who don't know me really well, I'm a bit of a food storage nut. I am working on building my food storage, and also learning to actually use it in my every day cooking, so I can rotate through it. I love it! In fact, just the other day I made some pumpkin bread, almost totally out of my food storage! I used powdered eggs, powdered milk, etc. And it tasted wonderful!!
Here is my food storage room!