Monday, November 15, 2010

Food Storage

So, I realize I haven't posted any pictures of my house. But it seems like I am still getting it organized. Crazy I know since I've been here like 8 months! But having a baby put me behind a bit. I've just been too busy playing with her and the boys! They are all three growing up way too fast, that I would just rather watch them grow then work on the house! But I am going room by room and getting rid of things, and reorganizing things! The first room I finished is my food storage room. Exciting, I know. Actually I do think it is exciting. For those of you who don't know me really well, I'm a bit of a food storage nut. I am working on building my food storage, and also learning to actually use it in my every day cooking, so I can rotate through it. I love it! In fact, just the other day I made some pumpkin bread, almost totally out of my food storage! I used powdered eggs, powdered milk, etc. And it tasted wonderful!!
Here is my food storage room!


Ladyoga and Big R said...

very impressive!! can't wait til we move and i have space like this for our food storage! this is very exciting and surely somehting you should be proud of! you go girl!!

Lynse said...

I want this. Will you come do mine?:)