Friday, February 5, 2010

So I realize that all I seem to be putting up lately are pictures of our house. Really it is for my own benefit, to watch the progress. We have been pretty busy lately. We have been trying to get our house sold. We kind of waited a while before putting it on the market, so it has just been a few days. We have been trying to keep it spotless because people can stop by any time. You can imagine how easy this is with the boys! We have also been busy with ym and yw. We are getting ready for New Beginnings and boy does that seem to be taking a lot out of me. We are also trying to get Jonathan enrolled in Kindergarten. Since they changed the cutoff date, he is 4 days too young. But he is already reading! So, I think if he waits another year, he will be so bored. On the other hand maybe I shouldn't rush anything because I know my time with him will fly by and he will be gone on his mission. So, we are trying to get the school to allow him. We are just going to see. I don't want to totally push things, so whatever happens, happens. We enrolled Jacob in his same preschool for next year. He is doing great and loves it! Every time I go pick him up hes chasing the girls on the playground. I hope this isn't a glimpse into the future:) Other than that, just keeping it real, as my sister would say. This pregnancy seems to be different from the other two. I have been soooo tired, had so much nausea, and now my back has been all achy(which I've never had until the last month). But it may just be the stress of everything else going on. Anyway, heres a picture of our house. I went and walked through it yesterday. They are putting up the drywall now. I'm so excited!

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