Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, I promise a better update soon! We are very busy. I'm sitting in our front room at the computer desk in the only empty corner of the room. The rest is filled with boxes. We are busy packing up our house (yes, again) but this time I know it will be a while before the next move! We had the final walk-through of our home today and everything looks great! I am so excited to move into this house and have so much space. We close on Friday, and move in on Saturday. Monday we have our ultrasound. I can't wait! I'm not sure what we will have, boy or girl. I know I would love a girl, because well, doesn't every woman want at least one little girl? But how fun would 3 boys be? Boys are loud and wild and I love it! So, come Monday we will find out.
Things are going so well, I can't believe how extremely blessed we are. Life is wonderful. Joe's school is going well, and we have so much time together it is great! We are blessed much more than we deserve!

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Holly said...

It will be so fun to get into a new place! I'll bet you are so excited!