Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I've been cleaning upstairs all day. I'm trying to stay busy and not pay attention to the depressing weather outside! I got rid of two bags of trash and one of give-away stuff. And I pretty much used a whole bottle of febreeze in my boy's room. Ok, not a whole bottle. Every time I turn around that room has a funky smell. Is it a boy thing? haha!

Ignore the unmade bed. The sheets are in the dryer!

And no, I don't know how to take the date off the pictures. I haven't read my camera's manual.

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Alainarae said...

Good job, megan! My boys' room had a funky smell for a while, too! I don't know if they sweat more in their sleep or what, but I changed sheets, vacuumed, everything, and it finally went away...or else I just got used to it! lol