Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have a problem. I keep going to the library, and/or Barnes and Noble. I need to stop. All of the sudden I am on a reading kick. I have like 5 books piled on my nightstand. My TBR stack.(To be read). All of the sudden I have come across several books to read and people have recommended books to me, and now I just want to sit and read all day. I don't want to clean my house, I just want to read! haha! In fact I'm trying to hurry and finish the book I'm on, so I can start the next one. I told you its a problem. Not that I don't want to read the one I'm on, I am just excited for the next one. So I had to make myself put my book down to clean up and start dinner. We are having the elders over for dinner, so I need to clean up and get ready for that, and I suppose I should try and go exercise too. So I will have to put my book on hold for now. I'm going to try and jog while my kids are riding their bikes along with me. Wish me luck.


Caroline said...

Have you thought about getting a nook or kindle?? I still haven't convinced tod to get me one .... lol

Caroline said...

We should totally have a book swap!! I want to raid your book shelves hahahaha borrowing them of course lol i promise to give them back!!

Alainarae said...

Sometimes, you just need to give in to the book reading urge...Usually, when it comes, I can justify it, and so should you! You are super busy, and work so hard- read some books :)

What are you reading? I need some new books!