Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have been unpacking and organizing my house all day long. Which is like my favorite thing to do. But it is hard work. My feet haven't hurt this long since I was 17 and I worked a double shift at CiCi's Pizza! I wanted to take a short break and write a blog entry about a few things on my mind.So, I am a Friends fanatic. I love Friends. I have every season on dvd, a few books about the show, and Friends "scene it" game. My husband calls me a Friends connoisseur. I usually watch an episode a day, if I have the time. And at the end of the day, to relax, some people sleep, or take a bath, or do yoga, but I watch Friends. I love it. Anyone who doesn't, I just don't understand. I thought I would share that.I know this is a random blog, but I have to share something cute about my sons today. Well, we went to the playground this morning and there were of course other mothers and children. So we chatted, and then when they left my oldest said "see you yater guys!" It was the cutest thing. He is mister sociable. I wonder where he gets that....for those of you who know my husband, you can answer that! Then tonight when I was putting my kids to bed I sang them a few church songs. One I sang was "Search, Ponder and Pray". After I left the room I heard my younger son singing at the top of his lungs "Search, ponder and pay" oh it was so cute! I love my kids and I love being a mom. It is so great!

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Heather & Josh Wickern said...

Megan! Yay for staying in touch! I love blogs! It's so fun to read stories about my friend's children. Like, this morning, Scott and I were getting ready for breakfast and I could hear him jabbering away while I was pouring my cereal. When I looked back at him he had his little arms folded and his head bowed and he was looking at me to say the prayer! He's done it all day, even for his morning snack! I love being able to stay home and just be his mom! It was really good to hear from you!