Monday, June 29, 2009

Random thoughts

Well, today Joe went back to work after two weeks off. It is good though, so we can all get back to our normal routine. I spent the day cleaning, and I feel like the only time I sat down all day was the hour and a half I had my presidency meeting. We were planning for our next quarterly activity and I thought that if we move, that would be my last one here. I started feeling kind of sad. I love this calling and I love the children soooo much! If we do go to NC, I will be super excited. I feel like I would be going "Home" even though I'm from Texas and I only lived in NC for like 3 years. But I LOVE it here. There are great people here and the kids are great and we are very happy here. I just wish we already knew for sure if we are staying or going. Oh well, we will find out soon. (I hope) Today we also found out that the people renting our house in NC are moving out at the end of thier lease, so if we do move there, it will work out prfectly and our house will be ready for move in. And I would much rather pay for repairs on a house I am living in! (like the brand new ac unit we had to clean out our savings for:) Well, I will stop rambling and go have family home evening. We'll see what the future holds. I know wherever we go, it is where the Lord needs us at this time.

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Holly said...

Why are you guys leaving already? IS it already time? Let us know if you'll be near us. Nathan will be tickled to hear that!