Monday, July 20, 2009

Wish me luck

Well, only 41 days until we leave. Not that I am counting down, I just want to make sure I manage my time so I get everything done. (Then why am I on the comuter? I don't know). So, being realistic, I know I have to pack everythimg on my own. My husband has no time. And I will admit it, I like packing everything because I want things a certain way. But don't tell my husband I admitted it. My husband has talked me into moving ourselves instead of having the military move us. (He's promised me a new desk, among other things that I have agreed upon) So, I scheduled to work on a room every week. Last week I focused on our extra bedroom. I organized it, packed up things we aren't curently using, like scrapbooks and such. And I finished it. This week, I scheduled to work on the garage. We have a lot of crap in our garage. All our baby stuff we are keeping for the next baby. All our holiday stuff. Our winter clothes, and a pile of stuff we need to go donate, or sell at a garage sale, broken things that we are "going to fix when we have time". Last week my husband comes in from the garage and says "I just saw a black widow and a scropian in the garage". So, needless to say, I'm not really excited about getting out there. I don't want the kids in there, so I was thinking of going out while they are napping, but by then it will probably be 100 degrees or more. So, wish me luck this week as I tackle the garage. I'll just pray that the heat and the arachnids don't hurt me.

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Anica said...

Black widows? Ugh! I wouldn't want to go out there and start packing either. I can't believe 41 days is September...I can't believe how fast summer is going by this year!!