Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh baby

So, I am totally baby hungry. Which is crazy because I have never been baby hungry before. We had Jonathan after we had been married a year and a half, and then we had Jacob when Jonathan was still a baby, so I have never had a chanceto be baby hungry. Now Jonathan is 3 and a half, and Jacob is two and a half, and I don't have a baby. We will see what happens. My boys are getting big, and can now do a lot on there own, and in some ways it has gotten a lot easier. But in some ways it hasn't. The Lord is probably thinking, "you need more patience with the kids you aready have"! But I am working on it. I really am trying to be more patient. It is something I pray for daily, believe me. I also have put in my order. I want a calm, quiet little girl that doesn't talk back or hit or any of that. So I'll probably get another wild boy. When I was pregnant with Jonathan, I knew he was going to be a boy. And I had these visions of Joe and I later down the road with a bunch of boys! So, we'l just see what happens!

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