Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a weekend! Friday I cleaned my entire house from top to bottom, and put away most of our winter clothes. That night I started to have aches all over my body, and a sore throat. So, I woke up Saturday and the first thing I did was buy Twilight. I went home, and didn't even feel good enough to watch it. Thats when I knew I didn't feel good! I went to the ER and was called back right away, and then waited for almost 3 hours, with two toddlers. Why? I don't know, I was one of two patients in the ER. When the doc finally came in, and checked me out, and looked at my test results, she told me I had two ear infections, a form of the flu that has been going around, possibly strep throat, and a few other infections I won't bore you with. My kids were actually pretty well behaved. Probably because we were in a room alone, not around anyone else. They save thier crazy behavior for church and other public places. So, I have been home ever since I went to the doc, and I have barely eough energy to feed my kids and myself. Hopefully his antibiotic will work fast, because I have a crazy busy week,and I leave for Texas in a week and a half. So much to do before I leave. Yikes!

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