Monday, March 9, 2009

Sea World

This weekend we went down to San Diego. We went to Sea World and had so much fun! The kids loved it. They won't stop talking about it. They loved shamu! (or as Jacob says "shampoo")The next day we went up to the Newport beach area and went to the beach. It was cold, so we just walked around. It was Jacobs first time at the beach. I am a beach lover. I used to live at the beach, and I can't believe he is two and has never been! Then we met my sister and she took the kids for the afternoon. We had a nice lunch at Rubys, went to Dave & Busters, and did a little shopping! I went to my favorite store for clothes and found some pants on clearance for $4.98. Needless to say, I was excited!

The kids loved touching the stingrays! They were a little slimy.
They enjoyed the the sesame street park!

And we ran around in the polar bear caves. We found out some other good news this weekend. Well, it is kind of a long story. In January of 2007 Joe and I were supposed to go on a cruise out of Galveston. The tickets were paid for and we were taking the kids to my family's house in San Antonio. Well, about a week before the cruise I start having these pains in my abdomen and feel them in my back. They are so uncomfortable, I can't even sleep. I watch tv and read at night. So, we drive to San Antonio, and I am in pain. I go to the emergency room when we get there because it feels worse. Long story short, I have gallstones. So, instead of going on our cruise, I get my gallbladder taken out, and spend the week recouperating on my mom's couch. So, carnival cruiselines says we have 1 year to pick another cruise of equal value. Well, my husband was in training, and couldn't get any time off. Then we move here, and getting time off here is a joke. So, now we want to go on a cruise in June, so we call them, thinking we will have to pay for another one. They are still going to let us use our voucher. We are so excited! We just have to call and tell them which cruise we want to go on, and we just have to pay tax! So in June we will once again drive to San Antonio, take the kids to my families house, and attempt to go on a cruise. I'm just hoping my appendix doesn't burst!

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janaeg said...

So fun! We went to SD Sea World in December too. I have the same picture with Tony and Aubrey in the Elmo flying fish thing. And Aubrey called Shamu "Shampoo" too. How funny! :-)