Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recommended reading

I just finished my Mom's latest book and it is excellent! It is her best book yet! It is about a military officer's wife. Her husband is leaving for an overseas mission and she decides to take her two young kids to visit her sister while he is gone. She loads them up to drive from North Carolina to Arizona. Her husband returns to find the house empty, but she never did make it to her sisters house. It is so good! And I'm not being biased. It is very suspenseful. My Mom is such a great writer! You can find it at and, or borrow it from me if you live close! Here is the official blurb, it is written better than mine.

When Susan Brannigan discovers her husband, Kevin, has volunteered for yet another military mission, she accuses him of wanting to be away from his family. With their angry words echoing through the house after he is gone, a distraught Susan decides she can no longer stay.

Kevin returns from the completed mission, ready to mend the rift between them, but he finds the house ominously empty. Calls to family and friends yield no clues. Has she left him? Did she take the children?

With the skills developed as a reconnaissance Marine, Kevin makes it his new mission to track down his wife and children. But the trail stops cold just as he thinks he is getting close. What has happened to his family? Will he find them, or has he lost them forever?

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Griff-Fam said...

I want to borrow it! that is so neat that your Mom is a writer! Sounds like an interesting book!