Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day!

I know I am a day late, but I was pretty sick yesturday. I am still not feeling great, but I had to get up and get going. I have a great Dad. I thought of him a lot yesturday. He is awesome, he has a strong testimony and he is a very hard worker. He works too hard if you ask me! I have a lot of memories about him when I was younger. I remember we would go on family trips and my other two sisters and my mom would want to sleep in. But my Dad and I would always go out and get breakfast together, and then go around and take pictures! It was always so much fun. I also remember my Dad was very organized when we would go on trips. He had the trip mapped out, how many miles we would go each day and where we would stay, and fun things to do in each place. He would always take his family to the funnest places. I could write tons more about my Dad because he is so awesome! I love him!

Joe is a great Dad. Everyday he comes home from work he takes time to get down on the floor with the kids and wrestle and tickle them. They love it so much! He crawls to thier bed with them on his back. He is a great Dad. He even let me rest when I was sick yesturday and spent so much time with the boys. I love him!
(Unfortunately I do not have a picture of my Dad, seeing is how all our things are in storage, but heres one of Joe and the kids!


The writer and the singer said...

Thanks for sharing. Your dad and Joe are great fathers. I love the picture.

The writer and the singer said...

Hey chica. What's your email? You aren't bothering me either!! So, you don't have to leave me alone, okay? I'll email you tonight some cool links and what not.

I hope you are having a good day.