Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missing North Carolina

Apparentlythis is what people here in AZ call monsoon season and it rains everyday. But it rains for about 5 minutes, and it is so dry, 5 minutes later you can't even tell it has rained. What has happened to a good long thunderstorm like Texas or North Carolina! I am missing North Carolina today! I loved it there and I love that part of the country. Although I know now we have to move onto other things, someday we are going to live there again!! So I went online and was just looking at some photos. I wanted to share a few. It is such a beautiful place. My favorite season there is fall when all the leaves turn, it is awesome! There are beaches, mountains, forests, it is the best!

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The writer and the singer said...

Those pictures are beautiful! No wonder you miss is so much. I can't wait to leave Florida. It's so hot AND humid...more than San Antonio.