Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The trip across the country

So I thought I would post some pictures from our move. We went from coast to coast. It was a lot of fun. We only drove a little each day, so that we could enjoy our evenings and do some fun things.

Here is everything we owned stuff in a penske. Well, not EVERYTHING, my van was stuffed too!

Saying goodbye to our bff Hollijo, who needs to move out here too!

We stopped in Albuquerque and met up with my cute sister Erica and one of her boys. Imagine our excitement when we found a Rudy's BBQ!! (It's a Texas thing!)

My kids at a bus stop in Roswell, NM.

UFO McDonalds.

In Lubbock, Joe brought me this for breakfast. I was rather excited. I am a Texas girl, you know.

The boys looking cute at a chick-fil-A somewhere east of Mississippi.

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